It is 2013. You are a TV show.

Haunted Mysteries on the SyFy Channel. You go to supposedly haunted settings and film faux-reality TV.

The 8 crew members:

1) Producer: Roger
This is the ‘fixer’ who gets things done…finds locations…gets funding…etc.

2) Director: Lynn
Really thinks this is fun. Artist.

3) Host: Bruce
Not really into the whole ‘haunted’ thing. What a load of crap. Great chance at face-time to pad the CV.

4) Paranormal Expert 1: Logan
Jaded professor-type. Sick of making zero denari at Miskatonic U.

5) Paranormal Expert 2: Peter
Charlatan ‘clairvoyant’ savant. Been milking saps for years…now I get to do it on TV.

6) Cameraman : Dan
Finds this job to be a real challenge since whenever you are certain you have footage of a likely spectre…the optics seem to fail. Need more research.

7) Soundman : Brian (Lou Armstrong)
This job really pisses me off. Similar problems to the cameraman…either nothing at all or so much noise… can’t figure out why the mics are failing.

8) Grip Ryuichi (Xiomar Cranston)
Jack-of-all-trades. You know this is real…all these equipment problems can’t possibly ALWAYS happen at the most inopportune times.

Cthulu Mystery Machine

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